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My musts for travel

My musts for travel

This weekend we drove from Oxford, Mississippi to Gainesville, Florida to West Palm Beach, Florida to Gainesville, Florida to Kennesaw, Georgia. Okay, fine, Jake drove most of the way and I napped like a pro.. 

But, anyway, next weekend we will travel to see my great friend, Adam, in Natchez, Mississippi. Life is just all over the map, literally, so I thought I would share my travel essentials. 

1. Face wipes: A MUST. Driving in the car, flying on a plane, getting ready in Starbucks bathrooms. these suckers are a major lifesaver. 

2. Activating Mist: I have ultra oily skin, so moisturizers are too much for me. This saves my life several times day, it is also is successful at awakening my skin and my mind. 

3. Sea Salt Spray: I am obsessed with this brand and especially their sea salt spray (the hairspray is pretty great too!). It's great just out of the shower or if your hair needs a boost. 

4. Tinted Chapstick: This is much easier than lipstick while nourishing, and gives you a polished look. I carry at least three in my bag at once. 

5. My Tote: Where do I carry all my favorite products? In my tote, of course. This bag was a graduation gift to myself and has been well worth it. You look professional and ready to go. This bag holds a lot, seriously, you have no idea.

Check out my favorite brands, don't be afraid to tell me yours! 

love love and happy travels, 


Easter (Rebel Baseball + Nana's kitchen)

Easter (Rebel Baseball + Nana's kitchen)

Home is not a physical place

Home is not a physical place