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Through my Warby Parker Eyes

Through my Warby Parker Eyes

I couldn’t write this post without Warby Parker, or maybe I could, but I wouldn’t look as trendy.

I bought a pair of Warby Parker glasses two years ago, because my best friend bought a pair, and the price point obviously sold me. Oh, and I wanted to help the people who didn’t have access to fashionable eyewear. Because, fashion matters, to me and to those in need, as it should for all millennials.

Warby Parker reached me through word of mouth. First, I bought a pair of glasses. Now, I refer my friends to their glasses, and everyone in my family wears Warby Parker, and we probably always will. We are brand loyal.

Selling trendy eyeglasses solely over the internet was a lot easier than Warby Parker imagined, and their marketing objectives worked on not just me, but everyone else in the United States.

Fast Company recently posted The Worlds’ 50 Most Innovative Companies and Warby Parker, the vintage eyewear company, topped the list as the first great made-on-the-internet brand.

The company made a quiet appearance, simply buying ads in the top women’s magazine, Vogue, and the top men’s magazine, GQ, as their only form of advertising before their website launched.

Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker, in a video on INC. explained their marketing plan was simple and based more on word of mouth than high-tech, expensive marketing.

Warby Parker based all their ideas on branding and storytelling.

He wanted their company to be something that you could talk about at the dinner table.

And there was a lot to talk about, with fashionable lenses, a way to try on five pairs at home, and a $95 price point. They link their sales to word of mouth.

Beyond referrals, a huge focus is on their brand. The brand of Warby Parker is crucial to its development. And even more important than their brand is their story.

The launch of the online eyeglass company was first based on the experience of feeling like you paid too much for glasses every time you left the optometrist. They also wanted to contribute to the world, in a meaningful way. They realized they could tackle both of these issues with a pair of glasses, or two. Blumenthal friended an eye doctor and realized the true need for eyeglasses across the world, and also realized that even people in need of glasses care about how they look.

Fashion matters.

They wanted their glasses and their brand to stick out, to be trendy and worth as much to the consumer as a $500 pair. They cut the giant price tag on their high quality frames through creating their own brand.

Warby Parker has boomed, with fashion at the forefront. They make fashionable lenses, as well as a give away fashionable lenses.

Their brand, eyeglasses, and business model all sync perfectly to create a stable image, and a brand that may soon expand beyond just hipster, trendy, and vintage glasses.

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