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The sweet sweet taste of summer

The sweet sweet taste of summer

Give it up for warm weather, cocktails, summer eats, and porch sitting. 

Finals have ended, Jake's kids finished state testing and we finally tasted the sweet sweet taste of summer. 

Jake and I went on three dates this week. I am almost positive that over the entire semester we only went on two dates. Grad school and teaching school is not all its cracked up to be. 

On dates, we eat delicious food and I get to cook delicious food. #yes. 

Anyway, we went to Oxford Canteen, a local place that serves lunch in an alley, on occasion they do a pop-up for dinner. We barely get to go out to eat just us, but tonight we walked from our apartment to the Square and ate some of Oxford's best. Corbin Evans also catered our wedding, and I have to admit, it was the best food I've ever had at a wedding. I'm not biased, really.

I had an aqua fresca with fresh mint, avocado toast with goat cheese (YUM) on a delicious piece of bread. Jake had a burger with cheese and bacon and fresh potatoes (I didn't get a picture of his because he was apparently starving). Food is the way to my heart. 

When we got home from our date, I read this kickin' article about the grad school life and how it affects relationships - you should check it out here

This article made me think about the last four months and how busy we have been, and how busy I make myself. It was a reminder to slow down, go on long walks, read for hours, and relax. I usually can't relax in my own house, but some how this week I have just pretended that I live at the beach and act that way, I just don't ever walk down to the beach. Too far of a walk. 

Jake on the other hand is the king of relaxation and pretending he's on vacation. But, either way the business has made us appreciate this week. We come home from our slow jobs, watch Netflix, go on walks, cook dinner, and most importantly, we talk. We even talked about this article:

What’s rewarding about grad school — the accelerated life changes, the major time-suck, the intense decision-making — is that partners who make it through succeed because they validate one another’s life choices. Grad school tests modern couples in ways they can’t even anticipate, but ultimately it can make love smarter.
— Kate Hakala - mic.com

Grad school may be making our love smarter, but I would like to give credit where credit is due, summer vacation. 

Last thing, I know what you're really here for is my recipe to the drink pictured above. We snagged some ideas from some other blogs, including the name. We call it, hippie juice. 

Hippie Juice 

Watermelon vodka

Strawberry lemonade 


fresh strawberries 

Shaken not stirred - combination is truly up to you, we did a lot of winging it. But, I think we decided on 4 counts Malibu, 2 counts vodka, 7 counts lemonade per drink. With as many fresh berries as your heart desired. 


Love well, laugh often, and dance, 


Save your face: I woke up with a pimple on my wedding day and survived.

Save your face: I woke up with a pimple on my wedding day and survived.

The Meaning of Being Mallory

The Meaning of Being Mallory