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Go on a first date for your birthday

Go on a first date for your birthday

It's my bae's birthday! This is his first birthday as husband and its been a good one thus far, if I dare say so myself. 

I thought for a while about a post to celebrate, here's what I got.

Jake and I went on our first date on his birthday. 



Plot twist. He didn't tell me it was his birthday. We had been friends in high school, off and on, (my high school boyfriend knew Jake was crushing and made a point of that). While we had been friends we had gone on lots of kayaking and beach trips with groups of friends, so after we got to talking and major flirting at a beach retreat (that's a whole other story), we decided we should go on a kayaking adventure together on May 22, Jake's birthday. 

He didn't tell me it was his birthday, so I planned the whole day. Called some friends, rented kayaks, then we found out a band we liked was having a concert that night, so we bought tickets to the show. We had quite the day planned! 

Jake's best friend in high school, Annalisa, texted me that she was going to his house before we left for the springs (heck yeah, we hang out at fresh water springs in kayaks) to make him pancakes before we left. I thought how odd, and then immediately thought they were about to start dating and I was about to insert myself into a big ole mess, no thank you. 

I called my friend, Kristen, and she informed me that they were not dating, but it was in fact Jake's birthday. 


So then we made a cake, and planned for his birthday. I orchestrated the thing and it was really strange. A first date on your birthday isn't the route most people take. But, I later learned Jake wanted to spend it with me. It was his intention, little bugger. 

It kept unraveling from there. We swam, hung out, ate cake, and the obvious flirting continued. 

For some reason unknown to me, I drove us and two of our friends to the concert. It was standing room only, so we all stood in our little pack and watched the show. Jake was standing pretty close to me, I wasn't complaining. 

Attempt 1 - He put his arm around me, his hand got caught in my shirt, (it had a crochet back). AWKWARD.  

Attempt 2 - Stood closer, Kristen noticed this, and tried to encourage it. She patted my butt. i thought Jake was patting my butt, I turned and looked at him disgusted. He looked at me like I lost my mind. Kristen whispered, "I'm sorry." 

Attempt 3 - I drove everyone home. Jake lived in the middle of the two other passengers. I took the first friend home... then proceeded to drive past Jake's house to take the last friend home. This allowed me to take Jake home last. Success. We sat in my car in the Jake's parents driveway talking until 3 in the morning. I was looking up towards the house and when I turned to say something to Jake, he kissed me. 

Since then, it has been one hell of a journey. Today, Jake's birthday, we have been together for five years. We dated long distance for three years, engaged for six months and married for eight. That first date is something I will always remember, especially when May 22 rolls around. 

Apple Crumble Birthday Pie

Apple Crumble Birthday Pie

Save your face: I woke up with a pimple on my wedding day and survived.

Save your face: I woke up with a pimple on my wedding day and survived.