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DIY Glitter Fail

DIY Glitter Fail

One of Jake's best friend's from high school is getting married tomorrow and Natalie (my sister-in-law) and I are throwing her lingerie shower tonight. #oohlala

Natalie is much craftier than me and decided to take on some pretty hefty glitter crafts. Annalisa is a notorious girly girl, so we though BRING ON THE GLITTER and hot pink panties! We pinterested for a while and picked out just a couple ideas. 

Yesterday we decided to make glitter dipped cups to go along with our delicious champagne punch - the original tutorial I found on evite.com. 

We first prayed the cups (we bought the cups at Dollar tree) with adhesive. 

And then sprinkled/dipped the cups in glitter. 

And if I say so myself, they looked pretty good. They dried in about three minutes and we also did entire mason jars to stick some flowers in for decoration. 

BUT, here's the semi-fail, the glitter keeps sticking to our hands/my parents' house.... 


After some further googling we may try to seal it with mod podge, but currently I am off to buy mod podge and some extra cups from Dollar Tree just in case... 

After the shower tonight, I will post more about our DIY and just how adorable Annalisa is! 

But, here's a sneak peak... 

love love, 


A sweet and sassy shower: how to have a lingerie shower the night before a wedding

A sweet and sassy shower: how to have a lingerie shower the night before a wedding

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