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London & Amsterdam

London & Amsterdam

We thought we wouldn't make it to London, but WE DID. 

And when we got there, our Airbnb cancelled, we were homeless. After scrambling for a hotel, we found the last room and it had no windows. We never really knew what time it was when we woke up. But, we had an awesome dog above our bed. 

After sorting that mess, we headed straight to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (WHICH WAS AWESOME). We goobed out for three hours. 

We visited the first day they served Butterbeer ice cream, which was equally as wonderful and everything else. The tour is so worth it. The original sets are magnificent and the amount of detail put into every aspect of the movie is amazing. We highly recommend the tour if you're in London. 


The rest of London was a whirlwind. We ate thai food in a pub, indian food in a Bombay, visited plenty of bookstores, took a literary pub crawl through Soho (also pride day), met a new friend, sat in plenty of pubs, and celebrated our last moments in Europe. 

From there we hit another bump in the road with the nightmare known as EuRail. We couldn't get on a train or plane, so we bought tickets for a ferry. And nine hours later we were in Amsterdam. 

We LOVED Amsterdam. It's so much more than the stereotype it receives. We ate wonderful food (with one exception), met a new friend, headed to the Heineken tour, and rode on the canals. 

We stayed in a sweet bed and breakfast and ended the night reading Harry Potter (we were inspired) and packing. Little did we know the adventure that awaited us on the journey home. Stay tuned for the story of food poisoning and a nine hour flight... 

love love, 


Pretty things on my list

Pretty things on my list

Germany: Where everyone can spell Lehenbauer

Germany: Where everyone can spell Lehenbauer