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Fall In Austin: What to Wear on your Wrist

Fall In Austin: What to Wear on your Wrist

Moving from a place with seasons to a place with summer, less of a summer, and then a small fallish/winter has been strange. But, I am slowly figuring out what to wear and still be able to function in "fall" without burning up. 

One of my favorite accessories is my new JORD watch I was skeptical at first because it's made of wood and I usually wear leather banded watches. But, when it arrived at my house I was in love with the packaging (I'm a sucker, I know). 

I've only had the watch for a week and it matches my professional work attire, as well as my casual weekend get-up.

I wear my watches slightly looser than the standard. But, JORD watches make it easy to get your watch in the perfect size. I printed a measuring tape (provided by JORD) and measured exactly how big I wanted the band. When my watch arrived it was perfect and ready to wear! 

eek! I am in love! 

I am may not know how many layers to wear, or if I will overheat in boots - but, I do have a watch to wear into fall and beyond. 

You could be the lucky owner of your own watch -

enter this contest for winning a giftcard to JORD wood watches. 


You can find my watch here. 

Stay tuned for a Weekend Vibes post about all of our adventures this weekend! 

love love, 


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. 



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