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Goodbye, 2016. Hello fresh starts, still writing 2016 on the top of documents, and high hopes.

In 2016, I had a lot of fears. Fear of leaving my home in Mississippi, fear of “actually” committing and launching my blog, fear of putting myself out there, fear of not making friends in Texas, fear of not finding a job, and the list goes on. I conquered some (not all) of these fears, but this year I am taking seriously. Taking those fears by the horns (cause I live in Texas now) and making shit happen.

With that, instead of a list of goals – I give you a list of fears I plan to conquer, no matter how silly or how big.

1. Read 52 (that’s right, 52 – yes that is how many weeks there are in a year) books by 2018. This was inspired by the election where I obsessed over Facebook and cried reading Twitter. And then realized I needed to get off Facebook and off Twitter.

2. Hang with my people, and just my people. Putting that dang phone down. Over New Year’s weekend I made a point to keep my phone in my bag during meals and hang out time and it was eye-opening. First, I was usually the only person not on my phone… Second, I felt so much more connected to the world and the people I love.

3. Commit to my blog. I want this blog for me, but I have always been afraid to make it happen. I fear that people will mock me or think I am silly for even trying, or that’ll prevent me from getting a job.

4. Run a half marathon. The fears include running in the cold, running in the cold, and having to wake up early and run. Doable, yet challenging.

5. Want less. I constantly tell my sweet husband we “need” a kitchen cart or a chair or clothes or a cute welcome mat. But, those are material wants, not needs (although, I can argue that they are needs...). I fear not having these things and not having the home-iest home and a closet that makes me oh and aw.

6.            WRITE MORE. Gosh, writing used to give me so much joy and satisfaction. It has always been a cleanse for me, whether journaling or professionally. I want to pick up “my art” again and let go of the fear of being judged or being a “bad writer.”

I get that these fears are first world, and some seem silly or cliché. But, hey, get over it. 

Here's to 2017 and being PRESENT. 

Love love, 



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2016 and my tankini   

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