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Weekend in San Francisco + beyond

Weekend in San Francisco + beyond

Some of our favorites Austin (shoutout to Meggie + Jordan) got married in their hometown of Santa Rosa and it was the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway with our Austin bffs. 

I am a newbie to San Fransisco, so if you've been before the turn back now because this post is full of touristy things. I fangirled hard over the Golden Gate Bridge and even harder over all the houses. This East coast gal didn't see the Pacific ocean until last summer, so the world of the West coast is still new to my radar. 


Things you should see if you've only got ONE day.

All of tourist spots I dreamed of --


Where to eat + drink 

  • The Grove for lunch/brunch in the Fillmore District 
  • ZAM ZAM for the happy hour of your dreams (cash only) in Haight-Ashbury 
  • On our way to Santa Rosa, we stopped at Sausalito in Spinnaker
  • Namu Gaji, our perfect last meal before the airport

We arrived in San Francisco Friday and spent the day exploring. After dinner, we took off for Windsor and Santa Rosa for wedding festivities. We had just a fewww hours to find some wine, so we did the best of both worlds. Starting with one of my faves, Coppola. When we arrived there were police escorts everywhere and we later found out there was a president from another country there, hoping it was the princess of Genovia, but can not confirm. 


After our Coppola tour and small tasting, Natalie's dad recommended a super tiny vineyard, Albini, and made us an appointment. It was so DREAMY. We sipped wine with the owner and his wife. They only make merlots and zinfandels and they were all amazing. So amazing, that we may have bought more bottles than necessary and shipped them back to Austin... 

Our main man, Dawn, the owner of Albini. 

Our main man, Dawn, the owner of Albini. 


We all wished we could have stayed an entire week and continued exploring wine country and San Francisco, but we will return and try to see more of the local side of things in the hopefully near future. If I missed something, tell me in the comments so I can make sure to add it to our next trip. 

Oh and of course, congrats to these outdoor loving, country music singing, beauties. 


Special shout out to our official tour guide and true Californian, Lexi, for showing us the ropes and keeping our entire weekend on schedule. You are the real MVP. When Austinites take Cali, it just can't go wrong #hookem. 

Our Austin crew. 

Our Austin crew. 

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