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2018 Roadtrip // here for the crazy

2018 Roadtrip // here for the crazy

If you haven't heard, Jake and I ventured on a 17 day roadtrip throughout the West of the U.S. Call us crazy, but we lived out of our car, sleeping on top of it and ultimately lived our best and smelliest selves. Jake and I were thirsting for an adventure that was just the two of us, even leaving the precious Maybie behind. We had a blast despite the small hiccups and fights over the necessity of bear spray and whether you HAVE to roll down the window before you fart. 

The journey began in Flagstaff, Arizona. 


Our first official night in our new home (aka our tent). We met our bff Richard from Texas who was friendly and perfect with two pups we could love on while we missed ours. 

Grand Canyon.

OMG LOOK AT THIS CUTIE. You bet this is the background on my phone. 

OMG LOOK AT THIS CUTIE. You bet this is the background on my phone. 

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 We packed this baby in on one day. We started with lots of driving to all the best overlooks and finished with a solid hike down into the canyon and then back up. I peed on the trail because I was desperate and 50 yards later we turned a corner and there was a bathroom. 

Las Vegas, baby! 


Couldn't drive west without stopping for 18 dollar cocktails in Las Vegas with Alex Anna and Cole. We ate, we drank, we went to a show and Jake won 10 dollars playing Blackjack. I won 0 dollars playing slot machines (I blame it on the fact I never found the Brittany Spears one). 

Joshua Tree  


It was hotter in Austin than in the desert the day we were there, so there's that. We opted out of camping there that night and it may be one of my regrets from the trip. We missed some great views of the stars, but we would have been sweaty beasts. We spent the day exploring and polished it off at a fabulous Tex Mex place in town. 

Los Angeles  


We thought we would be camping in San Berdino on a mountain and found not a single campsite or place to pull off. Darby and Michael saved the day and we headed to LA crashed their small get together and immediately crashed in their guest room. 

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park  


We loved the big big big trees and marveled at them, but we especially loved a hike to this waterfall where we ate canned tuna and Ritz crackers on a rock while watching people jump off a rock into the bottom of the falls. Little did we know this was our first glimpse at mountain beauty. Downside to this league of our trip, some jerkface stole one of our camping chairs out of our campsite. Poo on them. 

Fresno, California


A small pit stop to catch up on work and eat some food not from our cooler. Stopped at a real fancy CVS here and I couldn't find the door. so that was a win for the Southerner. Thanks for the recs, Lex! 



This is where things got a little trickyyyy. Near Yosemite was the Ferguson fire and several areas of the park were closed. We needed to drive through the valley to get to our campsite in Toulumne Meadow. When we arrived at the park, there was not a soul and the ranger station was abandoned with a piece of paper that said the Valley would close by 12 the next day. We booked it through the valley to the other side, and were delighted by what we found in High Country. 

Grand Teton 

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Although the Grand Tetons are where the bear fight ensued (aka I wanted to spend $50 on bear space and Jake didn't), it was my favorite park we visited. I felt like we were in a dream, everything is gorgeous. Ants were gorgeous. We did spot our first bear here, while driving and it was a baby black bear, but still. In a thrift store in Jackson we found first editions of the Harry Potter books for two dollars, so obviously we bought them and added them to our car living situation and began reading book one to each other that night in the tent. 



What a weird and terrifying place. Nature is real in Yellowstone. We saw a grizzly bear, the smelliest mud and the most amazing scenes of geysers and waterfalls. At this point in our venture, we were tired. Heck, I am tired from writing and constructing this post. We stuck to mostly touristy and easy hikes and had the strangest dinners trying to polish off what remained in our cooler. 

Last stop: Denver + Boulder


We ended with some of our bffs, the Hamptons and Anna. We ate poke in the mountains and pizza in Erie with good company. Even though it wasn't our own beds, it felt closer to home. 

Summer + Fall Reading List  // What I am reading

Summer + Fall Reading List // What I am reading

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