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2019 Intentions

2019 Intentions


2018 was a year. It was SUCH a year, I don’t think I am quite ready to express it on my blog, but let me tell you, I am STILL here for the crazy.

In 2018, I fell more in love with Jake who became the stability and voice of reason I constantly needed. I found confidence in myself, both personally and professionally. I owned the idea of owning my own business. I failed. Damn, I failed a lot. But, I learned from those many failures and moved forward the best I could. I loved on the family I chose, my friends. I was loved WELL by my friends and my people. I experienced heartbreak I never thought I would, but learned to sit in it and maintain my own health.

In 2018, I loved deeply, sang badly, and embraced the crazy.


As for 2019, I am not sure what you will hold. I have hopes and dreams, but I know you will not be easy and I know you will be full of joy. I sat down one morning with a fresh cup of coffee and my journal and thought through my hopes for 2019.

  1. Read 52 Books in a Year - This will be my third year attempting this feat. Each year, I get a little but closer. In 2018, I read 46 books. Here’s to the third time’s a charm.

  2. Get out of Debt - Never the plan, but with so much unplanned travel this fall, working on my business, etc. We have accrued some small debts. Not enough to freak out, but enough to make it an intention and goal to get out of it and stay out.

  3. Make four times my income by the end of 2019 - 2018 was my first full year as a boss lady. Now that I (mostly) know what I am doing - my goal is to increase my income by 4 times.

  4. Slow Mornings - I LOVE mornings, especially when I wake up in a clean house to freshly brewed coffee. My intention is to read, journal and just take time for myself each morning. I want to start my day my way even if it means waking up a bit earlier.

  5. Run a half marathon under 2 hours - With Lexi at my side, I hope to PR in the half marathon. I have never ever loved distance running beyond a 5K, but I love the challenge and perseverance required of the half marathon.

  6. Date Jake - Although Jake and I spend a ton of time together, we sometimes forget to actually check in and “date.” This year I hope to spend more quality time like we had this summer on our epic road trip.

It was a hell of year. Did I already mention that? Okay, cool.

But, here’s to a NEW year of intention, joy and lots of books!


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