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52 books in 52 Weeks

52 books in 52 Weeks

A book a week, that’s the goal. A lofty one, especially since last year I barely read 10 books for fun. My first love was reading. I used to steal books my mom read and would throw on the floor next to her bed. And then graduate school happened and the pleasure reading halted. 

My favorite bookstore in the world,  Square Books in  Oxford, Mississippi. 

My favorite bookstore in the world, Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi. 

No better time than now to pick back up my first true love and devour some books. I am a little bit behind (okay, fine, you pulled it out of me - WAY BEHIND).

But, here’s what I’ve read thus far in 2017 with my brief thoughts (no spoilers, I promise!):

  • 1984 - I started here. In college, I forced Jake to read this book and he wrote notes and all kinds of things in it intending for me to pick it up and read it. Shocker, I never did. IT WAS TIME. The book and the notes were worth the read. I will note, I read this during the election, kind of eerie…
  • We Should All Be Feminists - A MUST! it’s real short, you can do it.

  • You Will Know Me - This novel by Megan Abbott is perfect. You must know, I have an obsession with her work and will read anything she writes, ANYTHING. The way she breaks gender stereotypes of what women are capable of sends shivers down my spine and also entertains me to the fullest.

  • The Moon and More - My thoughts about Sarah Dessen are similar to my thoughts about Megan Abbott, but instead of murder mysteries, she writes about young women finding themselves in more than teenage love. Anything she writes, I will read.

  • We Gon’ Be Alright - This is not fiction, but a necessary read in the post 2016 Election world. A great representation (to me, a white woman at least) on black culture in the U.S. and the impact Furgeson and other cultural events have had on our communities.

  • Difficult Women - A fictional book of short stories by Roxanne Gay. Hard to read, necessary to read. The stories, although fiction, are real.

  • Perfect Little World - The perfect dystopian novel that didn’t any evoke emotions of terror. Kevin Wilson tries to make the perfect family in order to raise the perfect children and everything about it was interesting and fun to read. Also, after I read I found out he is a professor at my brother’s school, so that thrilled me.

  • The Grown Up - This was a freebie with Book of the Month. A ghost story by Gillian Flynn. That’s all you need to know.

  • Sharp Objects - A murder mystery by Gillian Flynn with a journalist at the center of reporting on a crime in her small town. Again, that’s all you need to know. Gillian Flynn will terrify you, but you just keep turning the page - at least I did.

  • The Sun is Also a Star - I loved this sweet story about young immigrants in the U.S. It will make you look around wherever you are and know that everyone has a story that matters.

  • Everything, Everything - I stayed up all night reading this, turning and turning pages - I could not stop. Reads a lot like a YA novel, and that made it even better. Do yourself a favor and make sure this is on your summer reading list!

  • Milk and Honey - Sobbed in my kitchen. I will read this every year of my life. 

  • The Handsmaid’s Tale - MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK SINCE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL (thanks Ms. Peck). A necessary read for 2017 and the TV show is extraordinarily well done. Read this first, then binge on Hulu.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next 30 books I need to read by January 2018. Some people are even taking bets on how many I will have left on my list... Shoot for the stars, right?

Love love, 


Books are best devoured on your backporch with coffee early(ish) in the morning. 

Books are best devoured on your backporch with coffee early(ish) in the morning. 

Favorites: SUMMMERRR

Favorites: SUMMMERRR

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My Current Favorites: Podcast Edition