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How to Adult Spring Break

How to Adult Spring Break

I am married to a teacher (a really fabulous one!), so Spring Break still exists at my house and we take FULL advantage. 

This year, we ventured to Destin, Florida where I did some working and beaching and Jake (the teacher from earlier) did some straight up beaching/relaxing. This was such a treat for us because we are PEOPLE people. We are always with, around and hanging with ALL of the people there are to love. That's frankly, how we like it. So, a week all ALONE at the beach was kind of daunting. I know, that sounds so crazy that it was weird for a married couple of almost four years to feel strange going on a week-long vacation alone, but it did feel strange. Weirdness aside, we embraced it and for the first time in a long while, just enjoyed one another. We read on the beach in silence, laughed over several dozen oysters, and just got to plain hang out. 

It's kind of hard to remember to hang out with the other person that lives in your house sometimes. 


Besides, the amazing week at the beach - I did some blog/life/work/lifestyle planning and I am excited to share with you bbs all that's to come! 

First things, first - all the things you need to start your adult spring break, or just your regular spring break, or even just a weekend at the lake. 

  • Kortni Jeane swimwear - I have been dying for a Kortni Jean swimmer for monthssss! I finally bought one and I am in love. It is so comfy, so flattering and fits true to size! 
  • Salt Water Sandals - I am obsessed with these babies. They are comfy, waterproof and remind me of my childhood in the perfect way. 
  • Glossier - I recently started exfoliant solution every night after I take off my make up, and Glossier ain't lyin' - I love this stuff! I have always used the Super Pure for awhile but recently fell in love with Super Glow. 10/10, my friend. 
  • Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray - You know what it is. Those spring break beach waves, we all need 'em. 
  • Laura Mercier foundation, finishing powder and concealer - I especially love the finishing powder. It's easy and light and not so cakey cakey. 
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask - I love this stuff. I put it in and then take a nice long bath and rinse it in the shower after. It's especially wonderful if you use heat on your hair! 
  • Last but not least, on adult spring break you must put away your phone, read at least one book (but, five if you must), and take 8 million more deep breaths than you take on an average day. Your brain, body, and mind NEEDS this more than your hair needs to be deep conditioned. 

I gave you my favorite adult spring break how to's because I love those products and that bathing suit, but I also want to full disclosure say, they are not the be all. My swimsuit does not define me or you. How often you deep condition your hair is your calling if you even ever consider deep conditioning it. Do you, girl. As I continue to venture into blogging and content creating for not just myself but clients, brands, Writing Home, etc. I think it's so important to call bullshit when you see it and to just be real.

So for real, those are things I love, but what I loved most about adult spring break was snuggling with my pup and Jake after an afternoon at the beach and a morning of work calls. I loved watching hours of basketball and taking bets on how far Loyola can really get (pretty dang far it appears).

And with that, all is well and our lives in Austin continue and hopefully continue with a packed living room. 

Eat with your people.

Eat with your people.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.