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The Art Of Applying {Editing Specialist}

Running for my Mental Health - Writing Home Society {Writer}

How to Set Goals in 2019 and Actually Keep Them - Movers + Makers{Writer}

Falling in Love - Love Intently {Writer + Editor}


How to Create Space for Creativity - Movers + Makers {Writer}

Om & the City - {Copy Editor, Writer & Content Strategist} 

Attachment Theory - Love Intently {Writer + Editor}

Defining Home // a nonfiction essay - Writing Home Society {Writer + Editor} 

How Emotional Intelligence in Men Affects Relationships - Love Intently {Writer + Editor} 

Feminist Reads - Writing Home Society {Writer}

The Overnight Train to Munich - Travelhers Collective {Writer} 

Find Your Love Personality (Love Intently) - ATX Woman {Writer}

Why Freelance - Movers and Makers {Writer}

How I Transitioned From a Full Time Job To Freelance Writing - Bravely Go Feature {Writer} 

How We Love Challenge - Love Intently {Writer} 

The Finishing Touch: From Camera to Wall - Judy Whitmore Photography {Ghost Writer}

The Weissert's - Judy Whitmore Photography {Ghost Writer}


Thrive together this holiday season, even if you argue - Arguing is unavoidable in marriage or any relationship. You and your partner are going to disagree on something. These tactics and tips are even true when approaching your family or any relationship, especially this holiday season. {Writer} 

Lovespiration from Ameerah and Chad. {Editor} 

Most couples think they struggle with communication. Most of them are wrong. {Editor} 

How is texting affecting your relationships? - We send over 200 texts a day, what are the repercussions of texting in the dating/relationship world? {Writer} 

"How a simple cup of coffee in the morning can strengthen your relationship" - Ideas that are easy ways to incorporate your partner into your morning routine. {Writer} 

"Why we should value mature love over young love" - This is a big advantage mature love has over young love: it knows the value of the small things and knows that small acts of love have bigger impacts in the long term. {Editor} 

"After 36 years together Brad + Tammy navigate marriage in tandem" - Interview with founders of Tandem Marriage {Editor} 


"Redefining the Idea of Mission Work" - The Children of Love Foundation in La Paz, Honduras focuses on relationships and creating a family with Americans. {Writer} 

"Ole Miss student battles rising housing prices and rising college expenses in Oxford" - Meet Cullen, an Ole Miss student struggling to pay rent, tuition, and fit into Ole Miss culture one pair of New Balance tennis shoes at a time. {Writer} 

"Mississippi Makes Progress on Civil Rights Museum" - Mississippi is making an effort to heal racial transgressions of the past by constructing a museum to celebrate African-American history and culture. {Writer} 

2013 + 2014

"I graduated, my friends graduated, and one day you’ll graduate too" - Personal essay on the struggles of leaving college {Writer} 

"SFA brings conversation to the welcome table" - Feature on the 17th annual Southern Foodways Symposium, titled “Who is Welcome at the Welcome Table?” {Writer} 

"Acro Yoga" - Acro Yoga classes arrive in Oxford, Mississippi {Writer} 

"Local shop owner’s love of Oxford runs deep" - Everyone wants to be friends with Erin Abbott. Her style and love for art add a unique flavor as an Oxonian. {Writer}