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If you walk a mile in my shoes, you’ll end up at a bookstore.

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The Art Of Applying {Editing Specialist}

PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool company {Copywriter Specialist}

Writing Home Society {Editrix & Chief}


Freedom at Home - EastSide Magazine {Writer}

Promote Faculty Engagement by Going Digital - PeopleAdmin {Writer}

Learning, Connecting, and Growing at PeopleConnect 2019 - PeopleAdmin {Writer}

Bring Crickets to Dinner Tables - EastSide Magazine {Writer}

Addressing Pain Points in HigherEd - PeopleAdmin {Writer}

The Importance of Community for Women Today - Movers + Makers {Writer}

How We Survived Long Distance Dating - Love Intently {Writer}

Growing Up - Holl & Lane Magazine {Writer}

Running for my Mental Health - Writing Home Society {Writer}

How to Set Goals in 2019 and Actually Keep Them - Movers + Makers {Writer}

Falling in Love - Love Intently {Writer + Editor}


How to Create Space for Creativity - Movers + Makers {Writer}

Om & the City - {Copy Editor, Writer & Content Strategist} 

Attachment Theory - Love Intently {Writer + Editor}

Defining Home // a nonfiction essay - Writing Home Society {Writer + Editor} 

How Emotional Intelligence in Men Affects Relationships - Love Intently {Writer + Editor} 

Feminist Reads - Writing Home Society {Writer}

The Overnight Train to Munich - Travelhers Collective {Writer} 

Find Your Love Personality (Love Intently) - ATX Woman {Writer}

Why Freelance - Movers and Makers {Writer}

How I Transitioned From a Full Time Job To Freelance Writing - Bravely Go Feature {Writer} 

How We Love Challenge - Love Intently {Writer} 

The Finishing Touch: From Camera to Wall - Judy Whitmore Photography {Ghost Writer}

The Weissert's - Judy Whitmore Photography {Ghost Writer}


Thrive together this holiday season, even if you argue - Love Intently {Writer} 

Lovespiration from Ameerah and Chad - Love Intently {Editor} 

Most couples think they struggle with communication. Most of them are wrong - Love Intently {Editor} 

How is texting affecting your relationships? - Love Intently {Writer} 

"How a simple cup of coffee in the morning can strengthen your relationship" - Love Intently {Writer} 

"Why we should value mature love over young love" - Love Intently{Editor} 

"After 36 years together Brad + Tammy navigate marriage in tandem" - Love Intently {Editor} 


"Redefining the Idea of Mission Work" {Writer} 

"Ole Miss student battles rising housing prices and rising college expenses in Oxford" {Writer} 

"Mississippi Makes Progress on Civil Rights Museum" {Writer} 

2013 + 2014

"I graduated, my friends graduated, and one day you’ll graduate too" {Writer} 

"SFA brings conversation to the welcome table" - The Daily Mississippian{Writer} 

"Acro Yoga" -{Writer} 

"Local shop owner’s love of Oxford runs deep" - The Daily Mississippian {Writer}