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Acro-Yoga Coming to Oxford

Acro-Yoga Coming to Oxford

Southern Star Yoga will offer instruction to achieve ‘higher union’ through acrobatics and teamwork

As spring begins to peek its head around the corner, Southern Star Yoga is in the works of introducing a new style of yoga, acro-yoga. Owner Stevi Self says that by spring of 2013, classes teaching acro-yoga will be integrated into Southern Star’s regular schedule.

“In acro-yoga, we learn to really communicate with each other in a very loving and compassionate way,” says Southern Star Yoga instructor Kate Read, who explains that acro-yoga connects mind, body and spirit, just as the basic yoga, but creates a higher union using acrobatic motions and teamwork. The practice aims to create a greater union, by practicing it with a partner. Self says it creates a sense of gravity between the two people in practice.

“It’s an amazing physical practice that can bring a greater union within themselves,” Read says.

By working as a team to connect mind, body and spirit, it creates a close-knit yoga community, as well as establishes a peace amongst the person practicing, she says.

Although acro-yoga may sound intense and difficult Read and Self encourage everyone to give it a try.

“It’s very inclusive; anybody can do it.” Read says, “It’s like yoga. It’s not about competition. There’s no judgement.”

Currently, Southern Star is not offering acro-yoga classes but plans to this spring. Self says they are working to train several teachers to instruct acro-yoga classes.

“The more people we have that know what’s going on, then we will be able to introduce it to the group,” Stevi says.

Before opening classes in the studio, Southern Star hopes to have “Acro-Jams” in several public parks across town on the weekends, where anyone will be welcome and invited.

“It’s a real health positive,” Read says. “It’s great play and great fun.”

Southern Star offers many different yoga classes, 40 each week, to all ages and skill levels. All Southern Star teachers are trained by the Yoga Alliance.

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